Processor to copy dvd's

I have a 550mhz, 384mb ram, will get a new hd if this works.

If I purchase either a LG GSA-4163B Super Multi DVD-writer or BenQ DW1620A and stick it in my 550mhz computer, will I be able to copy dvd’s or will it either not work or just take forever to copy the dvd. I don’t mind doing an overnight burn of 12 hours.


The Lg-4163B is a definate no no. The minimum system requirements are a P4 2.4 with 512MB Ram.

If your 550 is a Pentium III? Then yes. This is what Benq web site says
System Requirement
IBM PC compatible Pentium III 550MHz CPU or above
128MB DRAM, 100MB free HDD space for CD/DVD recording related software installation. 1GB free HDD space for CD Image recording

the actual ripping will be fine, it’s the transcoding/re-encoding that will take ages with a 550mhz CPU.

Depsite what minium req. people will tell you, your CPU is far too out dated to handle DVD stresming (i.e. playing) then for you to even consider to transcode, rip, burn etc.

Oddly you can buy a 1ghz cheaper than you paid for your DVD Writer & HDD, which is odd that you’d be investing all this money for a new HDD and DVD Writer and can’t aford to buy an older AMD 1 ghtz!? :confused: