Processor & MotherBoard Config ...With These Requirments

Need A Good Processor & MotherBoard Config

Pls Note The Follwing Points Before Postin Ur Feedback:

1.Decent Gamin
2.All Adode Products Must Run Comfortable with No Probs Due to Lack Resources
3.ComFortable Audio & Video Rippin
4.Quick & Good Results For Dvd To Xvid Conversion In terms Of Speed & Quality
5.Must be Able to Run For a atleast 5 Days At a Strech without any Heatin problems
6.Must Be Able to Max Experience Of Vista
7.Must Have Sata I support
8.DDR - II @ 667 Must be supported
9.Resources for Best Quality Tv Capturin

I am having Athlon64 3800 + Socket939 processor,still undecided On Motherboard

help me Out on this as i am Not Good @ assemblin Pc’s

Thnx a Ton Guys …

You already have an Athlon 64 939 and want a 939 motherboard that supports DDR II? None yet maybe.

Isn’t DDRII being reserved for the next socket types?

Anyway, I would deffinitely go for a dual core Athlon. Even a slower clock X2 speed will be better than a 3800. Choice of MB really depends on what you need for peripherals.

Last time I saw anything about DDRII in a PC magazine it did say somthing along these lines.

AMD’s next socket, M2, will support DDR2…

Yeah, AFAIK, DDRII requires a completely different MB, so that rules out 939 boards.

I don’t think the gains from DDRII will be all that obvious either, except for extreme gaming systems and the like. The benefits of a faster CPU will far outweigh the gains from DDRII, especially if you’re talking about a 64-3800.
For what it would cost for 1024MB of DDRII, you could get a lot more CPU instead.

There’s ways to increase the bandwidth on a Athlon, like OCing the RAM or just running faster RAM and OC’ing the CPU frequency at a lower multiplier.

the bandwidth gains that Intel based systems got from the move to DDR2 is significant, but because of the on-die memory controller A64’s have never been memory bandwidth starved…

this move by AMD is preemptive in my opinion…dual core CPUs and the upcoming quad core CPUs will benefit from DDR2’s faster speeds…but yeah, doesn’t matter much for single core CPUs.

"I am having Athlon64 3800 " — I Meant i am having the 3800 in Mind For the Buy

which is better 4200 or 3800 – remember [U]i dont have OverClockin In Mind[/U]

how long will DDR - II take ?? any idea on this ?? will it make a Significant Diffrence ?? - which Would be better 2 GB DDR - I 0r 1 Gb DDR - II ???

if 2 GB DDR - I is better,then is have this m’Board In Mind …

Pls Post ur Views on this …

Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe or A8R-MVP, non buggy nForce4 chipset and no fans.


Intel going to drop 950 price to just a little over US$200. So anything before Conroe is going to be forgotten soon.