Processor getting hot



I have a Sager notebook with a pentium 4 processor that has been getting hot. I removed the heatsink to replace the thermal compund to see if that might help cool it down. I was cleaning the old compound off the processor and heat sink and found a thin piece of foil between the two that has thermal compound on both sides. Does this foil have to be between the processor and heatsink or should I just use the thermal compound by itself. :confused:


My advice would be to just use a minimal amount of thermal compound…but try and call Sager first to get their input and to determine their reasoning for this “unique” attachment method.


After doing some reading I believe this is what it is. The film looks Identical. From what I have found it isn’t any better and in some cases worse than other products
I imagine Thermal compound will be fine as a replacement.


I hadn’t seen those before… My retail P4’s came with phase change pads, without the aluminum foil center.


I tried it with Therrmal compound. The fan must be failing, so I guess I will be sending it in. Thanks for the help though. :wink:


Laptop heatsinks are usually more in need of “mucking out” than remounting… check all vents for congestion.


yeah… but most have their warranty voided by opening them up…


I didn’t read all the threads but in the first thread he already openrd it up so no harm in doing it again.

I would give this a shot too if I were you.

Also since it is open you might want to replace the heatsink and all other fans. Fans are cheap. This will eliminate problems later as cooling goes because you’ll know that the fans are new and in good working condition.

I have a Toshiba Sat. and it is a P4 3.2 gig besides that mashita or whatever dvd/cd/cdrw drive it was a good buy and never had a overheating problem with it. I don’t know what you paid for your laptop but there is an old saying that goes like this : " You get what you pay for"! I’m not at all saying anyones is cheap but it is an old motto that must be kept alive.