Processor fan wont function propperly :(



my computer started to shut down so i opened and cleaned it
verry dirty it was indeed…
but the problem didnt go away and noticed my coolerblock was way too hot wile my fan wasnt working.
not being able to find a matching fan i bought a whole new block
it ran smooth for about 4 minutes then when i clicked on speedfan
again wile reading mail i noticed it wasnt turning at all and at 70c

what can be wrong here!?
the block cant be the problem
is there a virus wich is able to do this ?
motherboard f.ked up?
im at a loss here :frowning:


Perhaps the fans power source isn’t working properly. Is there another fan power connection on your motherboard that you can try? (lots of motherboards have more then one connection usually usec for case fans)


I’ve seen this “thousands” of times before… many mainboards have problems with delivering enough power to the CPU fan (especially those without the additional P4 power socket). The best way to solve this is to connect the CPU fan to your PSU. If you didn’t get such a cable with your heatsink/fan combo, you can buiy them at any computer store for just a couple of bucks.

One little thing: your mainboard may complain that there’s no fan on the CPU (as it doesn’t detect any signal on the CPU fan bus anymore)… don’t worry, just disbable that feature in the BIOS of your system.


or pull out the yellow cable from the three and attach it to your mainboard. The black and blue are then attached to power supply. Hey presto the mobo can tell it’s running a current rpm whilst you have a dedicated supply from psu.

It’s a lot easier then i’m trying to explain, sorry :bigsmile: :bow: