Processing time increased in new version

I have the latest version of DVDFab Platinum - I have noticed that this new version takes more time to convert a movie to generic (avi). In the older version, the conversion time is around 30 - 45 minutes. Now it is taking over an hour to do the same thing. Is this normal? Or is there anything I can do to make it faster like before.


Are you using the same screen size and video bitrate that you used before? Mine runs about the same, maybe a little slower 50 instread of 55 fps. I am using the Archos 504 profile in PVP, which is very similar to the Generic AVI.

Thank you for your response. I am running it the same way. I am using the default values. I don’t change anything.

What is the fps rate displayed during the conversion process now? And which one of the Generic profiles are you using?

I am not sure if this is the right number . . After encoding, the fps is 48.53 and it took an hour an 5 seconds to complete. I encoded a movie on my hard drive to AVI to my hard drive also. Thank you

That (48 fps) is very close to what I am getting now, so I don’t think it is a setting or problem in your PC. The fastest I’ve ever gotten with this profile was about 58-60 fps, and that only with some movies. This is still much faster than some of the other software I’ve tested. Maybe the next release will speed it up some.

Good info and thanks for your time.