Processing file error



I am using ANYDVD and CLONEDVD2 for the first time. I had no problems ripping dvd to hard drive using ANYDVD but with one minute left of creating files in CLONEDVD2 I got a processing error stating A device attached to the system is not functioning VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_6VOB 31 TCSectorReader. Is this a problem with my computer? Please help Thanks DMack


I have found it is simply easier to do a direct copy using CLoneDVD2.

When you copy from one progra to a HDD then ANOTHER program to write the files, there are a lot of areas that can hurt the process.

try this…

slow down the DVD write speed. like anything, the faster it goes, the more likely there will be problems. if your burner can write faster than your HDD can transfer the info, then you will get errors. if the blank media is slower than your max speed on your burner, same thing…errors

Let the PC cool down. Heat will cause errors esp in HDD’s and burners. I suggest trying to burn instantly on boot up and open up the pc case to let cool air inside


ecko…that goes against the more popular view that ripping is always an important step to do FIRST.

plus there are the advantages of ripping with the anydvd ripper (as the original poster has done) of automatically running fixvts on the files as they are being ripped to the hard drive. This eliminates structural errors on the disc itself. ripping first eliminates the drive itself as a source of the error and many programs will have problems if newer movies aren’t ripped first (ie dvd shrink)

also in regards to your advice to slow down the write speed…this doesn’t solve anything since the original poster has not even hit the “write” phase of the backup process. please read the post before offering advice!

@ DMack: I apologize that i can’t help you. I’m not familiar with that exact error message, but i can tell you that write speed and ripping first has nothing to do with it (even though it is a good idea to keep the write speed at the rated speed of your media for quality discs and a tiny bit lower for questionable discs once you HAVE hit that phase in teh backup process)

is the entire process taking a long time? if so, have you by chance checked to make sure DMA is enabled for your drive? it’s possible for drives that are running in PIO mode to error out due to the speed (or lack thereof) or communication within the case.

also a couple additional questions: does it do this for EVERY disc you attempt to copy or just specific ones? if specific, then what ones?

for the discs that this DOES occur on, does it happen at exactly the same place?


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Is the hard drive (that you have ripped the movie to) mouned externally or internally?

Are you using an external DVD ripper or burner drive?

Or are your HDD and DVD drives mounted, internally, off of your motherboard’s two main IDE channels?

Also please name the DVD drive manufacturers and model numbers.