Processing Error/Data Error copying stops



Thanks in advance for any suggestions or guidance. Trying to make a backup copy of Lost from eps I recorded on a Sony DVD Recorder using a Memorex DVD+R.

Using Clone DVD - whether copy titles or clone disc I reach 94% completion and get the following error

Processing error
D/Video_TS/VTS_02_5VOB:read error
Data error (cyclic redundancy check)
If reading the media has failed, please clean the surface and try again.

I have tried this on an external burner and the laptop burner - the same problem happens.

I have tried gently cleaning the disc with a lint free soft cloth.

Would anyone know if there is any way to force Clone DVD to continue copying even at the risk of it copying something that is not watchable? I ask this because as I can see the spot where the copying is stopping but shortly beyond this spot the rest of the disc plays.

Also any suggestions as to what is a good method to clean DVD+/-/R/RW discs.

Thank you for the help.


unforutately this is what happens when you use memorex. if you had used quality media to begin with you’d have no problems.

i’m not aware of a way in which clonedvd will ignore read errors and rip with flaws in the disc. You’re probably better off with a data recovery program such as isobuster to get the data off the disc with or without errors.


@ dunross2b,

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The Error Narrative you are receiving from CloneDVD is rather self-explaining ->. There is a CRC (cyclic redundancy check) Error on the Memorex DVD+R source disk that you are attempting to record from.

In short the Memorex DVD+R source has CRC (cyclic redundancy check) Error in it that is not allowing you to copy it. More shorter -> It has a defect (error).

Throughout the CD Freaks Forum it has been mentioned about a billion and half time that Memorex Media is absolute garbage and should be avoided at all cost.

To obtain information on known problem free quality Media visit the CD Freaks Blank Media Forum (

Do yourself a favor and obtain reliable proven high quality Taiyo Yuden Media. A reliable source of Taiyo Yuden Media is Rima.Com ( Locally obtain FujiFilm or Sony Media ensuring that the package clearly states Made In Japan and avoid (do not purchase) FujiFilm or Sony Media manufactured in any other country other than Made In Japan because to quality of the Media is unknown and is considered suspect.

The CloneDVD software program is specifically designed to produce quality backup copies of Commercial DVD Movie Titles. Other that doing some trickery and screwing around there is no easy way to make copy of a defective error ridden DVD.

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[FONT=Lucida Console]I have had the same problem using CloneDvd2[/FONTtry using DVD SHrink it usually lets you copy and then burn after that].