Processing Cloverfield w/ PgcEdit loses commentary track



This is the first DVD I’ve had trouble with, using PgcEdit. I always use VobBlanker first to strip out unwanted crap, then further process with PgcEdit by hiding buttons, and removing traces of unwanted audio streams & subtitles (so all traces of them are gone and cannot be toggled with the remote) I like them completely gone.

Well with this movie, after processing with PgcEdit, the commentary track is lost from the menu navigation. It can still be toggled while the movie is playing however. Commentary on the extras is still available thru the menus. It’s only for the movie that it is lost. Pretty strange how they mastered this disc.

I’ve tried it several times. The last 2 attempts I did the following. I open the DVD and it scans for BOVs. It then displays the following warning which makes no difference if Yes or No is selected. To test it, I save the DVD and open it with a software player and the commentary track is lost thru the menus. Without going into PgcEDit, it works. I know enough to be dangerous but definitely not enough to follow the Trace and choose the correct audio stream.


Don’t know why, but disabling the streams individually for each title, versus deleting them did the trick.