Process failed on Heartbreak kid

i was trying to back up my copy of this new dreamwork film using dvdfab platinum, right after i hit start i get the dreaded sound and process failed message. i am guessing new security, has anyone else ran into this problem wiht this movie?

What error did you get? Are you using latest version? what settings??
I had no prob with this funny flickā€¦

i am using the beta the only message i got was the little noise and the pop up that said process failed. i am unsure what settings you mean, i am burning full disk.

make sure that your read ahead cache is unchecked and pathplayer is set to use only when needed heartbreak kid dii not use pathplayer

i checked my settings, read ahead unchecked and pathplayer is set to only when needed, tried again and here is what came up
Task_1 failed Error=102 (video_TS.vob 0 2048)
Process failed

Just wanting to check in and see if anyone had an idea?

Try using the new dvdfab version If you are still getting
the error at analyzing ,try using a diffrent copy of the movie. If it
still has the same error e-mail the log to FENGTAO it might have
some new protection. Instructions are on the first blog page close
to the info section at the top.
Good Luck ZAP.