Procedure to play scct

hi everyone! my question is can someone explain to me the exact procedure how to bypass starforce security on s.c.c.t. with success. because i try almost everything and end up with (the key you put is the wrong one for this dvd) or my pc just crash when is checking. i try sfcure, sfafsb, and sfnightmare but for sfnightmare its not working for my pc. anyway i unplug my dvd and cd drive so i dont have to use this program. im using windows xp with sp2 i have s.c.c.t. in mdf/mds format and using Alcohol 120% ver. 1.9.5 (build 3105) thanks hopefully i will get the right answer for this thread. ciao! :confused: :frowning: :sad:

Does your original cd work?

yes it work but when i input the cd key it says (the key you put is the wrong one for this dvd) like i said in my previous post. so can you help me philamber to bypass starforce security. thanks :sad:

Have a look through this thread .

thanks i will look forward to this thread :slight_smile: