Probs with sf 2.80

hello everibody
I have a big prob.
When I want to copy nfs 6 HP2 or fifa 2003 with alcohol I have no problems.But when I play 5 or 6 times now the game doesnt want to start and says that i must to reinstall the game.
I have a lite on 32125W: is it it the problem?.
What is the good configuration because when i desinstall the game and i reinstall it he doesn’t want to work.It runs andi can think that i could play but after the presentation the game seems to freeze.I’ve tried 5 times to reinstall but same results:doesnt work. But when i mount the image disk it works:so the image is good isn’t it?
What can i do? For the moment i just use cdrw but i would like to burn it on cdr.

What settings did you use?

I just check enable burn proof.
I m very confused.
I don’t unterstand the prob.
Is it hardware?
I play from my pioneer cd rom (32x)