Probs with nero info tool




Having some probs with nero info tool.

I just installed an IDE controller because I only have 1 IDE slot in my computer (have 1 burner and 1 harddisk connected there)

Connected my other burner as master on IDE controller card. Problem now is that when I try to run Nero Info Tool my computer reboots :frowning: . I can use the burner, but not check the configuration.

I don’t know what causing this. Need some advices!



try not to mix optical drive and HDD on the same IDE channel…


There is also a a new version 301 in case your not using it.:slight_smile: Info Tool


Only about halfway down the main page:

It wouldn’t happen to be a Promise Ultra ATA66 card, would it? I’ve got the same/more problems. Have you actually burned a DVD with that burner? Or just CDs?



Though Hammerdown had good results with a Silicon Image card, I’m wary of putting optical drives on add-on cards. It is always best to connect them directly to the motherboard’s built-in IDE ports and move the hard drives to the card instead.