Probs with nec 1100

hey guys, wondering if u all can help me out a bit? my mate has a nec 1100 dvd+r with 1.90 firmware. hes using tdk 4x dvd+rs. the problem is it doesnt read the burnt disk although the burn works fine. when burn a data disc we get this on verifcation…

burn process completed successfully
startin data verification
cannot mount the written cd???

DVD Identifier V3.4
Initializing ASPI/SPTI Drive Interface
SPTI Drive Interface Successfully Initialized
1 Supported Drive Found (Out Of 1 Available Drive)
Manufacturer Database [08-JUN-04@83$59] Loaded From File : (@83$59) Entries Found
This Version Of ‘DVD Identifier’ Is Up-To-Date
The Manufacturer Database Is Up-To-Date
DVD+R/+RW Medium Detected. Starting Identification…
** Initiating ADIP Retrieval Method 1 (Original ADIP)
ADIP Read M1 Failed : Illegal request - Invalid field in CDB [05/24/00]
ADIP Read Method 1 Not Supported ; A Firmware Upgrade Is Recommended
Initiating ADIP Retrieval Method 2 (Copy Of ADIP)
ADIP Read M2 Failed : Illegal request - Invalid field in CDB [05/24/00]
Disc Identification Did Not Complete Successfully

is this the media or firmware upgrade. we tried but couldnt find the dvd drive to select??

I had the 1100a latest firmware. Couldn’t find a disc on the planet that would successfully burn @ 4x.Had to settle for 2.4x.
Happily burning @8x now with the 2500.

Update your drive to a 1300! :slight_smile: