I’m new, so be gentle! I work in an office that uses Nero and InCD. I run Windows 2000 and when I’m in the middle of other Microsoft applications… like Word or PhotoDraw, I get error messages saying the program is not responding. When I try to shut down the programs in Task Manager I recieve another error message saying the program is trying to debug. Finally when I try to Restart Windows, I get an error message saying InCD_GUI_MAINFRAME is ending… HELP! This is extremely frustrating and I find I can get little work done because I’m always restarting my computer. I’m hoping ya’ll will know enough about the InCD program to let me know what’s going on.


I am getting the same error message on a new eMachines box running WinXP. I also am having no luck finding a fix or even a clue as to how to track this down. All I can think is to remove all of the CD burning and access utilites on the system. I think Nero is the easy CD burner that is installed on the system.

Any advice would be great.


PS. Any of the users on the system gets the error message when they log off, and I think the problem started after I had opened the CD burning software (but did not even use it). Before I had opened the software for the first time the error was not occuring.

I used to use in-cd, and have found that it doesn’t like windows much. I quit using the application altogether and format using different progs like roxio, and just simple progs. No I say that in-cd doesn’t work right no matter what you do, but the rest of neros stuff is top-notch on performance with windows…