Probs with IC and also DVD2One

I have probs with these 2 softs… Any of them just hangs my PC after a while… IC last update hangs when analizing the video quality, even before the real enconding begins… DVD2One hangs in 20%, 30%! It´s not just the soft that hangs, it´s the PC…

Windows XP SP1, Intel Via Motherboard, P3 1Ghz, 512 ram, 80 Hdd with 8Mb cache, Sony DRU 500A, LiteOn DVD 166S, LiteOn 48x/Plextor 24x… all latest firmwares!

It is a little old (3 Years), could that be the problem? Already followed many guides, tried several settings… even formated Hdd and same result! Never had any kind of prob with any other soft…

Any ideas?


PS. I have dual boot, Win98SE in FAT32 and WinXP SP1 in NTFS… 3 partitions at total.

What’s the oldest component of your computer? The one that’s three years old? Seems to me there’s something holding back processing on your computer,I suggest you take to a repair shop,and have them trouble shoot it…Good Luck

Not realy 3 years, more like 2.5 years… only Hdd and Sound Blaster Live 5.1 did not came with PC… I had 20 Gb Hdd and on-board sound card… I bougth the sound Blaster 2 years ago and a nice 80Gb Hdd with 8Mb cache 2 weaks ago cause I needed to work/resize some DVD´s and 20Gb would not be enough! But the strange thing is that all other softwares work very nice, never had a single problem… only these 2 are giving me headaches…

Oh… it originaly was only 128 Mb SDRAM, but upgraded it to 512 Mb shortly after…

Regards and thanks for your support

Solved it!!! The problem was my PC cooler was damaged and had a very low rpm… about 2500 rpm´s! The processor was over-heating (up to 64 'C) and therefore the PC hanged every time. Just replaced it, got 5000/6000 rpm’s and problems faided away!


Kool!!! Your computer is now,that is!!!