Probs with flashing my toshiba sd-m 1712

I want to flash my Toshiba SD-M1712 with the 1004 firmware that remove the dvd speed limitation. On I got the file.

When I start “update.bat” the following message appears

// — Copyright © TOSHIBA Corp. 1995-2002. All rights reserved. — //
*** This Version-Up program was shipped
only for “(TEG)” on 03/05/2003. ***
< Primary >
0 : (Master) Not ATAPI Device
1 : (Slave) Not ATAPI Device
< Secondary >
2 : (Master) Not Connect
3 : (Slave) Not Connect

I’m sure I have connected my Toshiba drive. In Windows and in the WinDos mode I have no problems to use the drive.
Why is it shown as not connected? Do you have any suggestions?

I solved the problem:

I have no disk drive, so I had to boot with a bootable cd-rom. Then I was able to flash the firmware. First I tried in WinXP (SP2) and that was NOT possible (see the message above).

So maybe the message is a help for other users.

The readme says clearly TRUE DOS!