Prob's with DVD and CD


I’ve got big problems with the DVD’s i’m burning on my PC.
My DVD burner is a TDK 440N with the latest firmware.
I’m using the NERO 6 and roxio burning suites.
When I’m burning MP3 DVD on the lowest speed (2.6) my PC wont read the DVD’s. My standalone DVD reads them without any problem.
My PC doesn’t even recognise the DVD, I even can’t explore the DVD.
What’s the problem? Because I want to wake a backup of my MP3 collection on DVD, but the DVD’s won’t open on my PC, so big problem.
I’ve got the same thing with my movie’s that I burned on DVD, they work in a portabel but not on my PC.
So … help :slight_smile:


PS i’ve used the format’s DVD+ and - R

The pc drive that created the disc not reading the files but the standalone reading ok is strange and the opposite of what you would expect.
Is it possible that there are just too many files in the root directory and it’s taking forever for the disc to be read on the pc. I have had something like this happen to me with data files so what I did is create multiple subdirectories.

How can I create multiple subdirectories?
And I have I think around 700 files on each DVD.
I’ve also burned the DVD in a DVD MP mode and a DVD Data mode, but still nothing …

Hey Seth… Get rid of Roxio. Nero and Roxio don’t mix. I might be mistaken but I think I remember hearing that Nero’s ASPI doesn’t get along with Roxio. I had a simular problem a yr. or so ago. Dumped Roxio and everything has been fine since.
By the way, IMO Roxio sucks anyway. You’ve got Nero and that’s all you should need.

The problem is not the compatibilty of both suites, they’re working very nice both :slight_smile:
the problem is that I can’t read the burned DVD’s with my PC

Maybe the problem is the media. What media do you use?

DVDs are not as CDs. Burning DVD at a lower speed don’t improve quality.

I suggest you to burn DVDs at their certified speed or near it. Burning a 16x DVD @2x have a very high probability to create a coaster. Burning a 16x dvd @12x can give great results.

How are your mp3’s organized on your hdd. Is it just one big folder or do you have categories. Just create a few directories on the hdd like pop, rock, ballads, jazz etc… move the mp3 to each category. Then for example in Nero when writing as DVD data/iso mode just drag and drop the sub directories and write the data disc. Your mp3 compatible standalone and the pc should allow you to see each directory to select and play the mp3 within each dir.

Hey Seth… I hear what your saying and I stil suggest dumping Roxio. Tyr it, I think you may find your problem to be there. If not, you can always re-load it but it’s worth a shot.


I take it that you haven’t used Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5 or 8.0 lately. The newer verisons of Roxio are great.


I’ve tested the burned DVD’s today in a DELL laptop and the’re gonig very nice and smooth!!!
can it be the DVD player?
and i’ve got all my mp3 divided in categories when they are burned.
so what can be the problem, i’ve removed roxio and still the same problem
i think it must be my tdk driver? (but he’s only 1 year old) and my pc is a amd anthlon xp siemens (so …) help …

So put back Roxio. I reckon that it does MP3 disks much better than Nero anyway. Not sure about V8 though. Seen it but don’t like it all.

It’s possible that your PC is not recognising that a new disk has been inserted. This can sometimes be down to Auto INsert Notification not being set on. This can be checked/set with RegEdit but DVD Decrypter & Imgburn are a far easier & safer way of checking/setting. It’s under Tools/Settings/device.

I’ve checked the following thing

DVD disc 1-4x
DVD writer records x4 read x8

can that cause any problem?