Probs with DMA on prim slave

Hi there,

I can not enable DMA for my primary slave. Ive checked it with my Toshy1502 and my LiteOn241040. After reboting, the checkmark has dissapeared. Does anyone haven idea what could be the reason for this ?
Your help would be much apreciated.



1: You are using w9x/me…never seen this problem on w2k…but I have seen it on XP :o

2: Maybe you have an abit mainboard? And even worse: An abit mainboard and a sb-live soundcard! Get back to me if this is your setup.

3: Hm, not enough free DMA channels for a reason or another…

Hi CD-Freak,

thanks for your reply.
I use ME and a MSI board. Actually also a SB-live.
All DMA channels are enabled.
It´s a mystery to me.


Try this:

Go to device manager—>then look under(think it’s) audio devices/multimedia devices or something like that–>Se if you find something like “SB 16 Dos emulation…” right click on it and choose preferences. Look for a box that states “Disable in this hardware profile” tick it. and reboot.

This disables SB16 Dos emulation, but unless you use very old dos games you don’t need it anyway. This will free up one DMA channel.

Try to enable DMA now…

Hi CD-Freak,

first of all, thanks alot for your effort !
I´ve done as youve said but regretably it doesnt work.
Maybe I have to adjust the recource distribution of the DMA controler, but I don`t understand enough from this stuff to do something convenient.
Anyway, nobody buys a PC, to make his live easier :slight_smile:



Sorry I can’t help you any further…

Only thing I could say is that w2k/xp is better at handling the DMA channels than w9x/me. :wink:

thanks again and

take care