Probs with clonedvd




I’m using clonedvd for copying my dvd’s but i’ve tried several times and always i’ve got problems with the subtitles and the sound. If i make a backup to my computer I can play it without problems with mediaplayer but when i want to play it with bsplayer i cant select subs. (with mediaplayer it’s no problem).

When i burn the movie on a dvd and want to play it on my tv i cant select subtitels and when i want to skip to the next part of the movie i’m loosing also the sound and have to reset the soundoptions of the dvd.

Can anybody help me with this problem?



Please tell us what version number of CloneDVD2 you have and the company that supports it. We need a little more information. You have to select the correct audio streams.:confused:



I’m working with a trial version of this program. copyright 2003-2006 elaborate bytes ag. Is this the information you needed?



vissen30 –

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Unfortunately the information you provided does not indicate exactly what version of CloneDVD you are actually using. To prevent any confusion when posting always state the Version Number of the CloneDVD software program you are currently using.

Suggest either visiting Elaborate Bytes ( or SlySoft ( and download the most current up to date version of CloneDVD.



Hey Belooken,

I’ve downloaded the latest version of clonedvd and now i have no more problems (for the moment :slight_smile: ), so, i thank you very much and the topic may be closed.



Thats great to hear Patric, it is always advisable to have the latest version as things are changing day to day. Thanks for letting us know your outcome.:clap: