Probs with CDR on the PX-716a



I get my third RMA Drive from Plextor!The last one cant write to CDR and CDRW.
I get alway tracking focus error!
I dont know what i should do!

I installed the newest nero, the latest ide drivers.
I have only probs with this plextor burner!


What were the problems of the previous drives? I read too many posts about people who have faulty drives. I think Plextor is not as good as it used to be


the first one cant write to dvds!the second one make loud noises and now the third one cant write to cds!


I would Rma it again!


why have too problem with PX-716A? i have the same problem with 716a, can wrtie DVD but not CD-R.


@konsolen & kukun_lee

Bad news for you two, but if you want us to help you both, could you at least be a bit more specific as to your problem?


i dont want to ram the drive again!its the third rma!

if i want to burn a cd or cdrw, i get “Focus Tracking Error” with nero.I tried all nero versions since
The drive also cant read cdr!
The Problem also exist on plextools!
If i want to erase a cdrw, the led is blinking 2 minutes and then comes the info “drive is not ready”


Does the drive work with pressed CD-R or audio CD?

Have either of you bothered to run the self test on the drive? If it fails, by all means RMA the drive. If it passes, WITH RECOMMENDED MEDIA, then look elsewhere for the problem.


If Plextools also gives you and error message, can you please post the error code that comes with it (should be a six digit number).


the doesnt wotk with any cd!
the last drive had no problems with these cds.

i can post the eroro code later that day.


You must have some sort of issue, because my PX716A, burns and reads even the elcheapo CD’s without any problems.


well not exactly… :wink: i had to rma my first 716a for the same reason. it would burn/read any dvd media but it would not recognize any cd including audio/data. replacement is just perfect.