Probs with cd writer 8100I




Does anyone know if the cdwriter 8100I is compatible in any way shape or form with windows xp beta 2 build 2495? I cant seem to access the drive to copy to and it just says that it is a normal cd-rom drive???

its really weird coz it worked great in the first few builds of beta 2, funny I thought updates were meant to improve compatibility!

anyone got or know how I can get the darn thing to work?:confused:



Its not the writer thats your problem…it`s the wonderful XP.

Just run your old os until ms comes up with a working version…in 2008 maybe ?



darn it,

I was hoping u werent goin to say that, XP is the best thing since sliced bread man!




There is hardly a program for CD Burning that works with WinXP, maybe that is the problem.
Last I heard there were (only) 1600 programs that are supported by WinXP so far…still a long way to go then…

Win2k is so far the best OS I have seen from M$…and compared to Win9x…it rulezzzz (but let us not get into that discussion, you can find enough of those on our forum already :wink: )