Probs Running Black & White -FLT

Hi all,
great lookin forum :slight_smile:

Anyways, ive just “aquired” myself a copy of Black & White (the fairlight ISO release). However it appeared to install fine, but when i try to run it, it crashes soon after the first couple of screens and goes back to windows.

I’m tryin to run it on a celeron 500mhz, 256MB RAM, SB AWE64, Abit BX6 M/B, CL TNT2 Ultra, Win 98 SE etc etc. Think im runnin the latest Creative Fasttrax drivers.

heres the way of tried installing/running B & W:

  1. Booted up into windows 98 SE (i run a multi-boot system)

  2. Inserted B & W “backup” CD

  3. Checked the release groups nfo file that was fortunately included on the cd in the root dir.

  4. Followed the install instructions contained within that nfo file (ie Install Game using Setup.exe, overwrite the runblack.exe file in the Games dir with the cracked runblack.exe contained on the CD - I didn’t install to default dir, but inputted: C:\Games\Black & White). Could that be the problem?

  5. Downloaded the Black & White Security Fix (The Distinct release i think)

  6. Followed its nfo instructions and patched the exe with security fix & Updated the registry usin the inc reg file.

  7. Then tryed running the game usin the Start Menu entry and no go! Also tryed runnin directly from the runblack.exe, but this didn’t work either!

So any suggestions? I’m gunna try it again from scratch under WinXP RC1 and maybe Win2K (like i said i do have a multi-boot box!), and this time try and run it before applying the security fix, as maybe that is the problem?

Anyways, please help me if you can, otherwise just wish me luck!
Very frustrating! :slight_smile:


try it without the security fix or update to version 1.1

this might help :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice Duke, thats what i was thinkin of tryin :slight_smile:

Any other advice would also be appreciated though, as i would like to run the game with the security fix as i don’t particularly want B & W phoning home :frowning:


There is a simple way around this - make sure that the program is run with the command line option : /NOINETCONN. This will actually prevent any packets ever being sent over the internet at any time in the single player game.

dunno if this helps !¬)

just install a firewall to prevent the program from connecting to the internet :slight_smile:

I am also having problems with black and white . I installed it and ran setup and changed res etc etc . Then i downloaded the 1.1 patch + the Black & White v1.100 [MULTI] No-CD/Fixed EXE crack from . After installing the 1.1 patch , i then unrared the NO cd fix into my black and white dir and replaced the original exe .

Started up the game , but found (after about 5mins of playing) that although the game ran well , i couldn’t exit out of it to any sort of menu . I had to CTRL ALT delete right out of it .

Does anyone know whats wrong ?
Do i need the second CD for sure ?