Probs Playing DVD on Philips Combo

Hi…newby alert!!

My mum has a Phillips DVD/VCR Combo (sorry don’t know the model no.) It seems to play all bought/genuine DVDs ok. But she has just been given a couple of DVD films made by a local historian. Neither of them play on her system. The handbook says it may not play DVDs which have not been closed. So I coped the DVDs and closed the session (although seems the originals were closed anyway). But the copies dont play either.

The originals say they are “DVD-ROM” and I copied onto “DVD+R”. Might this be a problem? Which type of DVD is most universal? Does anyone else have a Phillips combo and have problems?


Can you write Booktype DVD-ROM’s? Some writers can set the media to DVD-ROM so that older dvd players can play the discs. What type and model writer do you have?

Hi there

I dont think I can set the ‘booktype’ value. I;m writing using an external Freecom FX-50 drive.

Eww, freecom crap (personal opinion).

Well, then we would require the model and typenumber of the dvd player i guess.