Probs playing copied games



Hi all i am a newbie on ere any help would be good. I have done a copy of my games as backup. Fifa 2005 and The simsdeluxe and makin magic. When i install them they install ok but playing them is a different matter. I have copied with clone cd 5 but they wont play they come up with the sorry fifa has had to close due to an error. Any help please


What writer(s)/reader(s) do you have?

Do the original discs play ok?


i have a dvd rom and cdrw and original discs play fine


Brand and model please. :wink:

Both Fifa 2005 and Sims Deluxe are safedisc protected (don’t know about Making Magic) and the ability to copy them successfully is very much dependant upon your hardware (i.e. some writers can; most can’t).


think they are lg gce 8481b for cdrw
and lg gdr 8161b dvd rom