Probs installing Pioneer DVR-108

I got it couple of days ago. It replaced a Samsung 208. I also have a Hitachi DVD-ROM. I did manage to copy a DVD using DVD Shrink, but if I tried doing a file backup, it would lock up my computer. Today I tried burning a disc image so I could upgrade the firmware in my DVD player, but it crapped out with a communication error. I ran the test drive in Nero, but it also showed a CRC communication error.
I tried reseating the connections & setting the drive as master, but now when I hook up any of my CD/DVD drives, my computer won’t recognize the drive or the hard drives.
Does this sound like a problem with the IDE cable or the mobo? This never happened until I got the Pioneer.
The computer’s an MSI K7N2-DL with an AMD XP2500 & 256mb of RAM.

Since you have already pulled out the optical drives, try this:

Boot XP and remove the nvidia ide drivers and replace them with ms drivers.
Reboot just to prove all is well.
Set the DVD-Rom jumper to master, set the pioneer to slave.
Put both drives on the secondary ide channel with the master (DVD-Rom) being connected to the end of the cable.
Reboot and start burning.
Make popcorn & drink beer as you scan/test your great burns… :wink: :wink: