Probs flashing 6100A -> 6500 firmware

I am trying to flash my NEC 6100a firware to 6500A so I can use -R/-RW and go region free/rip speed hack but i get an IMAGE TYPE MISMATCH when I try to flash.

Here what I did:

  1. I went to dangerous brothers and downloaded the ND-6500A dell (203D) zip.

It included 6500FAST.BIN which the readme says contains the 6100@6500 and Rip Lock Patches. “6100@6500 allows the firmware to work on a 6100A drive if you have one.”

  1. I made a dos boot disk and typed:

nec6x00a -sec -mas -flash 6500FAST.BIN

… I get an error saying IMAGE TYPE MISMATCH

It identified my drive (correctly) as 6100A.

What am I doing wrong?

  • Check in your device manager what BUS your drive is on.

  • Check what version of the firmware is in your drive already before flashing. If your drive is 4.xx then dont flash with 2.xx, If it is 2.xx then it is fine to flash with 2.xx

Let me knoww also what Laptop you have, as I might find prior examples I have seen aroudn the place I can compare against…

I used TDB’s windows flasher to change mine. Also, you said you wanted the region-free, but then weren’t trying to use RPC1 version. Do you have a windows OS installed?

If you do a search on this forum, you will also find a f/w version modified by Liggy that does auto-bitsetting for +R media. That is the one I use(modified TDB’s 2.23 if I remember correctly).

Were you able to successfully backup your firmware as suggested in the readme.txt?

I ended up using the windows TSB verison which succesfully flashed by nec to 6500a… dont know why the dos version said image mismatch?