Probs burnng DVDs with Nero

Can someone provide me with their expertise please.

Im trying to burn a DVD on Nero but the finished thing is not being recognized as a video DVD, only as a data DVD with the audio_ts and video_ts folder with the files in it? WHY, DAMMIT? Thank you.

hmm… does it do this in the computer only? have you tried it in anouther computer/dvd player? it is probibly the computers dvd autoplay settings.

ben :slight_smile:

ps, did you definatly select the “DVD-Video Files” setting on nero express? and also does the volume label show up or is it just called “DVD-ROM” or something. :slight_smile:

oh thanks man. Sorry for the confusion. Yeah I tried it in another player (an Xbox actually) and it doesnt recognize it. Yeah I def selected DVD video. Not sure about the volume label - is that just the title I wanna give the disc?
What should the file icons look like?

hmm… what mediaare you using (+/-) and what brand?

ben :slight_smile: