Probs 411s

Hello , i’ve got probs with my burner. He doesn’t read or write dvd’s anymore.
No probs with cd’s. Firmware is fs0f , should he be damaged ??

thanks ,


Hi and welcome! :slight_smile:

-How did this problem start?

-Did you install any new drivers or software when this problem started?

-Tried upgrading to FS0G?

-What IDE drivers are you using?

It happened from one day to another.
I burned a few dvd’s on tuesday and the next morning when i boot up my pc and wanted to write a dvd he just doesn’t wanted to read a dvd.

I actually don’t know wich ide drivers i use.
I’ve just installed Nero , i formatted the hard disk and installed a clean Win xp but it’s still the same.

I going to return it to the store tomorrow.

Maybe i burned to much dvd’s. :wink:

Thanks ,