Probme DVD writer LG


I just bought a laptop with a DVD +RW. I also bought some DVD +RW to try and obvioulsy I have a problem. Indeed, Nero doesn’t want to format the DVD +RW and eject it after 3 seconds. Then, I try to format it with Windows XP PRO SP2, and I got an error message saying that Windows cannot erase this support.

Then, I decided to upgrade Nero but I still have the same problem.

It there a way to check it XP PRO recognize properly the DVD writer ?

I tried to burn CD and they are fine. I think that Windows cannot recognize properly the format and get it as a CD-RW.

I was looking for the Firmware of this DVD writer, HL-DT-ST DVD+RW GCA 4040N by LG. Unfortunately, there is none at the moment.

Could you please help me to identify if Windows recognize properly my DVD writer ? Also, does anybody knows a way to fix this problem ?

Many thanks for your help :wink:


Anybody has an idea how to completly uninstall the drive and reinstall it ? In the property window, the device type is “DVD/CD-ROM DRIVES”. Shouldn’t it mention like DVD WRITER ?

This laptop is brand new and it make me feel so frustrated not to be able to use it :frowning:

Thank for your help :wink:


  1. Windows built-in CD-writing does not support any type of writable DVD.
  2. Your drive’s properties sheet is correct. If you open ‘My Computer’, the icon for your DVD-writer should refer to it as a DVD+RW drive to prove it is recognised accurately.
  3. Regarding Nero, are you using latest version?
  4. Try different brand of +RW disc, and also try a +R (they don’t require pre-formatting). If the +R works then it’s prob a problem with the +RW discs.