Problems :(

i have just made a backup of planet of the apes using dvd decrpter and dvd2one like all other backups everything was ok until i tried playing it it comes up with “this disc is not formatted to play in this region” anybody help or had this same problem??

p.s when u press menu it skips it u can play the menus but not the film as it comes up with the above

Some questions I have:Does the original movie play,and if so,what region is it? Also what setting in the burning pgm are you using…

region is 1 (american) on planet of the apes and the original plays just fine i cant way it up myself i,m really new to dvd burning but i have tried a r1 joyride and that works fine

sorry the settings i,m using are just the normal settings nothing special why should i be doing something different

p.s sorry for being vague i,m on someone else’s machine at the moment