I just brought a new FSC V5505 and the DVD-ROM is Optiarc AD-7540A. As you can see I have an problem - I can burn CDs and DVDs but the problem with DVDs is that I can’t use them later. I mean I can open them and I see those burned files on it, but when trying to open them everything freezes. On the DVD there is a ring at the beginning (inside) but I should not be there.
I’m not sure, but it I think I burned on DVD earlier that doesn’t have this problem. So, what I wanted to ask you is how I can solve this problem I have. I was thinking about reinstalling Windows, and if that does not help tyr a new firmware version. Which one should I use? Also I send a message to FSC and I’m waiting for their answer since the laptop is brand new.
Any ideas?
Thanks everybody

The biggest point here is the media. Which exact media do you have?

it’s a Traxdata DVD-R