I got a TSSTcorp ts-l532a dvd rewriter in my laptop. I have lots of problems burning dvds. I mean, when i burn a dvd, the burning process goes well, but when nero does the verify i get read errors; trying to copy files from the new dvd to the hdd results in crc errors. Then i tried with Verbatim Dvds and i got a good disk only at 2x and 4x speed. Do someone know this problem? Do you think it is a firmware problem? If so, can someone tell me which firmware i have to use, because there is no upgrade at Samsung Odd. I heard of someone who used the toshiba sd-r6472 firmware that seems to be the same drive, but i don’t know the results. Please help me

Nero’s verify is not very useful.
Use the Nero CD DVD Speed and do a media/content scan. This is far more useful.