Problems yet again with a lightOn 5006

I have a lightOn 5006 which I think is a terrible recorder, the reason I say that is it is the second one I am on, due to a replacement under warranty, and now this one had gone exactly the same! The problem i’ve got is the drive makes a hell of a lot of noise when I place in a disk, I’ve been trying to back up old videotapes to DVD when I finalise the disk it makes a lot of noise from the drive, then if I try to copy the DVD that it created in my PC, I constantly get read error and unable to copy the DVD, anybody else having this problem? I don’t think I would buy another lighton recorder again! :frowning:

PS: I have installed the latest firmware. But every time I enter the machines at number at there web site. It gives me a link to the same firmware that I already got which is 0104-3240-0101-G2BD :a

both the 5005 and 5006 are like toys if have the time you play with them then as time goes buy they get better. AS for the noise your getting the drive firmware has it been installed it’s a sparate firmware file and it set the unit to use 16x media memorx works okay. If noise persists contact liteon again and again and again.

Thank you for the reply, but I am using the latest firmware, I’ve tried a variety of disks, but no matter what I use specially -R the drive makes a lot of noise when finalising the disk, and then if I try to copy the DVD with my PC DVD writer I get constant error’s and am unable to copy it. Like I said previously this is now the second light-on recorder as the first one was replaced under warranty with the same problem.