Problems writing dvd-r with BTC drw1008im, cds write fine, media supported

hi there, im new to the forums and have had a browse around and found kinda relevant problems, but no one with the same problem. i have BTC DRW1008IM and ive had it for about a year. Ive never really had the need to write to DVD, so ive only just bought a spindle of Datawrite DVD-Rs.

the problem is, whenever i insert one, the windows autoplay box comes up (as usually does when a disk is inserted) but it has blank CD written there. it has the same in my computer, and none of the burning softwares used have worked at all.

CDs write fine still, and i have tried the following solutions to no avail:

updated firmware
updated ide/ata drivers
tried 3 different types of supported media

Please help, im really annoyed and confused, thanks a lot in advance for any help.

Crap windooze has no dvd burn support - you MUST use a proper burning app.