Problems writing c.d.s

hi there
i am totally new to this but i have a problem i can’t solve.
my p.c came with prassi primocd installed which i used successfully except that it automatically inserts a pause at the end of each track which i am unable to switch off.
i started using nero 5.5 which my friends all use and although i’ve been able to write the original c.d to the hardisk i have been unable to then write that music to a blank c.d
my friends all use separate c.d readers and writers and write directly from disc to disc no problems. mine is a single reader writer

Originally posted by faceless
in my post yesterday i should have mentioned than when i start to write from the hardisk to c.d. the burning window pops up and then immediately after that another window comes up asking if i want to save image. if i hit save the message comes up file already saved. if i hit cancel it aborts the burn.
i know i’m a complete bunny when it comes to this stuff but any help would be appreciated

Please reply in your own thread next time, instead of starting a new thread…far more efficient, for both you and us.