Problems writing audio cds with 40125s

I’ve had my liteon 40x12x48 burner for about 2 months now, and I’m starting to have problems. I can still burn data CD’s no ploblems, but when I burn music CDs (using nero) my stereos (4 new, compatible cdr players) can’t even read them. It’s not the music I’m burning because I tried burning some of the CDs I’ve burnt before, and its not the blank CDs I’m using, because I’m using the same ones I’ve always used. If anyone has an idea I’d like to hear it.

audio cd creation has got gradually worse until my players can’t read them. My system is set up ok. I’ve put my old writer back in for now while I contact the supplier and it is working just great.

btw - I’ve tried writing at 4,8 and 16x and the result is the same.

For reference:
Packard Bell 450 PIII, 128 mb RAM, W98 SE, Pioneer 113 dvd/cd rom (fw 1.12) secondary ide master, Liteon 40125S (fw upgraded to ZS0P) secondary slave, Nero (then upgraded from OEM to Full Product). DMA enabled. Sync transfer disabled. Auto Insert Disabled. Disconnect enabled for both drives. Recording audio tried 4,8 and 16x DAO from dvd/cd rom drive mp3 and also mp3 held on HD

tried different ide settings also



Do you overburn ??
Have you try to burn just 10 songs …
Did you try for your tests CDRW media ?

(1) Some LiteOn writers are likely to produce :Z burns at speeds below 24x. Use Taiyo Yuden media and burn faster!
(2) LiteOns have a SAO bug. Try using DAO/96 mode

I have tested the media (currently verbatim datalife plus 24x). ok.
I have not been overburning.

Do you mean a bug with DAO?

I’m sure I’ve tried DAO and DAO 96

Try to use CD Mate Deluxe for burnin Audio CDs.
I’ve also got problems when reading AudioCDs produced by Nero, or many other burning programs.
I keep CDMate Deluxe only for burning AudioCD. Try it!
My CDRW is 32x12x40 @ 40x12x48 :slight_smile:


Look, if you do really care about the music you burn and listen to,
then just stop wasting your time in vain and go for Feurio!


If you are using Nero, definitely do not use DAO/96 mode for normal music burning. It isn’t necessary for any standard audio or data burning, and is buggy in most Nero versions except perhaps the very latest.

If you use DAO/96, it will quite likely cause data corruption and/or a coaster. :wink:

dao96 was only used as another test.

does the liteon use this by default though…?:confused:

If you write data CDs, do they have good quality, or does the Quality Check report errors? Maybe your writer produces low quality burns now, which your CD player is more upset about than your other drives.

The writer uses nothing by default on its own. The writing software always has to tell the writer what it shall use.

I indeed didn’t see that you use an old Nero version…if you have a connection better than a modem, you should download