Problems withn notebook Combo drive in UDMA2

Plz, help me somebody.

I have a Dell Latitude CS notebook with PII 400, chipset Intel 443BX, WINXP sp2 and UDMA2 enabled. This notebook is one of those which you connect the cd-rom externally through a special IDE cable. The CD-ROM type is a normal Laptop slim cd-rom inside a special Dell Caddy for CD-ROMs.

Ok, given the details, the prob is this.

The original CD-ROM broke, and I replaced it with a Samsung SN-324S CD-RW/DVD Combo. I removed the broken CD-Rom from its Caddy and replaced with this one. Connected and it works well…in PIO mode.

The other CD-Rom worked in Multi-Word DMA 1. This one only WORKS in PIO mode. If I go to Windows Device Manager and set it to DMA if avaliable, it recognizes the drive in UDMA2 but it doesn`t read ANY cd or DVD. I guess the Dell cable or caddy are only compatible with Multi-Word DMA 1 max.

Ok, so the problem is: whenever I put a DVD or CD to read, in PIO mode it HOGS the CPU while reading. I want to set it to Multi-Word DMA 1 at least, as was the other CD-ROM (which worked pretty fast and without probs before it broke).

Is there ANY software or configuration in WinXP that I can do to FORCE the Secondary Master IDE to recognize the drive as Multi-Word DMA 1? :confused:


Help? Anyone? Plz?