Problems with yamaha cdrw



hi guys anyone problems with a yamaha

i have a yamaha crw4416s almost one year now and my problem is when burning a backup of my hd or when making backup of one of my game wel the cd i have to try 3 times till my cd is burned the other 2 times its just like they burn the cd but they dont i have to wait 20 min till cd is burned and when the program says burn successfull i insert the cd in another cdrom and there is nothing on it when inserting it back to my cdrw the cd is empty. what do i have to do is this a lazer problem or somthing else?? need help please


Don’t know for sure, but it seems to be a softwarefailure> re install to be sure.
Why? As a routine of a burnprocess laser has to be calibrated on certain area of your individuel CDR.
When this proces fails, burning stops with a failure message. But your burner goes on, but laser is then switched off>seems to be in the testfase.
But anyhow, when he still refuse to burn after re-installing software your burner need to be send back, cause of a defect.