Problems with Yamaha and T@2

Hi Folks,

I’m not having any luck getting the T@2 mode to work.

I’m using Yamaha’s media, and I’ve written a data session to the disk already.

When I choose Disc T@2 from the Record menu I get:


DiscT@2s can only be printed on a CD-R. The medium in your drive seems not to be a CD-R, so please change it.

Of course it is a CD-R…

If I try a blank CD-R I get: Warning could not open the editor.


I am not familiar with the Yammie’s T@2 feature, but my guess would be that it’s either media related (maybe you should try different media) or it has to do with you doing domething wrong in the process.

So i suggest, besides using different brand media, to take a look at the CDFreaks review of the drive, where this feature is described.

I’ve read a few reports on this feature. As I recall, one stated that it will only write over sections of the CDR that have no data burned to them. (makes sense)
Perhaps reading the manual would clear this up?

Actually the T@2 Function works ok with a separate application available for Copy to CD, so I know it works.

The Nero T@2 feature simply doesn’t.

Also, to T@2 a disc my understanding is that you need to write the data and finalize the disc. This has been verified with the Disc T@2 application from Copy to CD.

In any case I think I’ll return the drive, I’ve tried quite a bit of media and the T@2s are hardly noticeable on any of them, even the expensive Yamaha media made for the purpose.



about the yamaha crw-f1ez… I haven’t had any problems with the DiscT@2 technology, granted it’s not like a printed format in great color from some printer, but it works great for labeling the cd and writing cd keys on them…
as far as if it works with nero, again I’ve had no problems with nero ir copy to cd… they both work…
my credentials are WinXP AMD 1600+ 512 pc2100 ram EPoX mb, and so forth…