Problems with Yamaha 8424E

I’m having trouble burning CDR’s at 8X with Easy Creator 4.0. I can burn at 4X, but it locks up my computer whenever I try to burn at 8X. Could anyone help me out?

im having the same trouble here…hope someone will post somthing soon

I have same burner but is not extern drive, i havent had any problems with burning 8x, not even with easy cd creator 4 deluxe. Trye to use cdrwin 3.8e it sould work… or nero 4 or 5…

I’ve the Yamaha 8424s and everything works fine.

Is any one with the same write who copy’s PSX games at 8x speed ?
And does the copy PSX game works in all the playstations ? (serieel: 9000,7000 AND LOWER !!!)