Problems with XP/ND1300A/USB2.0 and writing DVD's

I am having a bit of trouble with writing DVD’s.

The setup is
CPU 2.4G, Memory 512M, Disk 160G
USB2.0 to NEC ND1300A firmware 1.0A
Media Ritek 4X
OS Windows XP SP1 patched up to date.

To date the success rate has been less than 20%, which means I have a grand collection of coasters.

Both Nero 6 and InstantCD/DVD have been used to try to write to the DVD but both have failed.

I realise that this is not enough information to diagnose the problem but I am wondering if anyone else has had problems with this combination of hardware and OS before collecting details of the problems

Any guidance welcome



I don’t have one but a few things that you could try are,

Cheap media try getting better media.

InCD and other packet-writing software in general are trouble-maker for ND-1300A. Uninstall it.

If you are running WinXP, try to disable the “IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service”. It is under control panel | Administrative Tools | Services.

You could try updating your firmware. I am not sure what the lastest is.

The problems turned out to be almost entirely hardware.

The USB 2.0 interface on the external NEC ND1300A was not performing. However, the firewire interface proved much more performant.

Many thanks for the advice and guidance.