Problems with writing DVD+RW


I have some Problems with writing DVD+RW.
My drive is an Ricoh MP5125A, firmware V1.72.
I bought some DVD+RW brand “SKY” from Sky Media Manuifacturing.

I tried to burn these discs with “Blindwrite”, “Deepburner” and my self programmed burning software, all with the same result:
Only one out of 5 discs played after burning it.
I could format and burn this disc several times without any problemswith all of
the 3 programs.

The other 4 discs:
The burning process is done with all programs without errors.

Even if I do a full DVD+RW base format as described in MMC5, which
is done without any errors reported, 4 of the discs won’t play.

When reading the burned discs, read errors occur always at the same
LBA for each disc. (Not the same on all 4 discs!)

Is there an opportunity to repair them, or are they to be considered
as defect?

Any help appreciated!

These media are CRAP. Still crap.

Use DVDInfoPro for erasing or formatting RW media.

Hi chef,

thanx for the hint!
I tried DVDInfoPro with the same results!
Meanwhile I found out that only 1 out of 10 DVD+RWs i bought was OK!
So this wasn’t a bug of my program (cost me many hours of confusion an 8 wasted Euros!)


The 5125 is not the best burner (obsolete now too), but it can give good results with good media.
You should try it with better RW media, from TDK, Verbatim, Sony etc.

Hi chef,
meanwhile I tried Verbatim DVD+RW and it works fine, thank you once more! :clap:

By the way, what is quick format for DVD+RW?
In MMC drafts there is only full format described.


Erasing the TOC(s), IIRC.


“Erase TOC(s), IIRC”
Does this mean I have to overwrite LBA #-30000h to LBA #0?
If yes, should I pad it with zeros?


Phew, no idea if this is the correct task. :-?