Problems With Winmpg And Tmpgenc (vcd)

hi guys,

i’ve been trying to make a VCD out of an asf file

my first time here. i’ve been reading this site over the past few days. i had an asf file to convert to avi , i used VDub 14.c but it does not work, much to my frustration!! i managed to get hold of WINMPG video convert. i successfully converted the asf file to a avi file, what it also did, which i didn’t know was put the audio as a seperate file too.

I was ready to convert the avi mpeg 1. im using TMPEnc 2.5 which i downloaded from chickenman’s tutorial.

under input file i put the avi file which is fine. but when i put the audio source which is the seperate audio track WINMPG gave me, i got this error:


“filename_Audio.avi” can not open, or unsupported

any ideas what i can do next? please do not ask me to use earlier versions of VDUB because it don’t work, i tried. i keep getting all sorts of errors like “cannot find data chunk” its really frustrating which is why i was happy to use WINMPG, but i didn’t know it would seperate the audio.

is it a case of changing the audio track to a different extention perhaps?

i have succesfully made a VCD from avi to mpeg using TMPGEnc and nero, but i didn’t know asf will be a hassle. also if i use TMPGEnc to convert the asf file to mpeg, it takes 10 hours!! i’m not waiting that long!!

please advise me what to do

many thanks:bow:

The filename_Audio.avi is an AVI file, not an audio file. But load it into Goldwave (the AVI), it will automatically extract and convert the ausio to WAV, then just Save the WAV file. Use that in TMPGenc.

Another very usefull tool for ASF file is ASFTools from as it can do a ASF to DivX conversion as well as fix any file problems.

You can convert asf to vcd directly with winmpg. You just need click" all ->vcd", input in the file(.asf), then click"convert". You can try it…:slight_smile: