Problems with Windows search function

Lately I have been having problems with the Windows search feature. After downloading a program and then trying to find it. I clicked on start then search it then took me to the Windows search page I then clicked on the Search companion at the bottom of the page. The search then went on for thirty minutes and then just kept on going and going and would not stop the search function. I finally had to press stop to keep it from going. Does anybody have any ideas how to correct this and have it stop after it finds the items searched for.

I recently installed XP Professional on this computer and this is when the problems started. On my XP Home it would not go to the Windows search but started right off on the Search Companion feature which I did like better.

I would appreciate your help

If I may suggest, get TweakUI and install it (its freeware) and then look for an option to make windows search have the classical interface. You will more easily find options to search files by date and also I noticed searches go faster with the less bloated surrounding look and feel than that of the default search look an dfeel.

I love the Vista Search feature… Kicks butt on XP…