Problems with windows 7



I tried to get my scanner set up on my new laptop which has windows 7. Ran into a lot of problems and could not get the computer to respnd to the scanner after set up. Then I set it up onto my old computer, which has windows xp and had it working in 10 minutes. Why is that. ( I don’t like window 7 much).


bad driver maybe - try at least a vista driver if no Win7 driver available.


Just let’s check you did the install [I][U]without[/U][/I] the scanner attached…? If that still doesn’t work, then you can try installing the scanner drivers once again to your Win7 machine under XP compatibility mode.

Basically: Uninstall the scanner drivers you already put on on your Win7 laptop. Then put the scanner driver CD back in, look for the [I]setup.exe[/I] or [I].msi[/I] install program on it; probably this will be in the root directory. Then right-click the icon, select properties. Under the ‘Compatibility’ tab, choose ‘Windows XP’ (or "Previous version of Windows).

Then off you go.


[QUOTE=Millennium12;2494403]bad driver maybe - try at least a vista driver if no Win7 driver available.[/QUOTE]


Maybe go back to the manufacture site and get the right driver and software for Win7. XP drivers aren’t the same as Win7 drivers. If your scanner is a older model that isn’t supported in 7 then unless you can find a Vista driver for it you won’t be able to use it. But since you didn’t mention what kinda scanner you have we won’t be of much help to you.


I did go to the manufactures site of both my scanner and window. The part said about windows not supporting my scanner is what I came up with in the end. My scanner is an Epson perfection 1660 photo. it kept saying there was no driver but I downloaded everything I needed yes at 1st I did have the scanner set up while downloading but I re did it the right way once I worked out I was wrong in doing that. Sorry I didn’t put my scanner name in the
1st time I wrote this at 2am and wasn’t thinking lol