Problems with web version of Nero 6 Ultra Edition (mostly with Nero Recode)

On an older version of Nero 6 with all 4 packages, I could use Nero Recode. Now, it says that I need the DVD-plugin (which I have installed, since I can make DVDs in Nero Vision Express) and the multichannel plugin (which says its included in web version and retail package). I saw that I could buy the multichannel plugin, but I already have it… any1 else have this problem? I’m using the current version (March something to April 30)

yea i am having this problem…

I had the same problem a while ago on a previous version.
The answer I got was as below : also enter the serial number in Nero Vision Express.
It might have changed now ? Let’s wait until the next version they promised, correcting those S/N bugs.

Dear Customer,

thanks for your email and your interest in our software.

Please enter this serial number in NeroVisionExpress, too and then you should be able to work with this feature without any problems.

Should you have any other request, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.

Best regards

Nicole Seifert

Ahead Software AG
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>> Dear Sirs,
>> When I try to use Nero Recode, it says that I need to purchase the DVD Video
>> Plugin…

I got a similar problem. I do own a retail package version of Nero 6. I installed the new versions 6601 and 21124 and it reports that I do not have the multichannel plug-in and that I should buy it, which is not the case as you may realize. I contacted the support team and I am waiting for their answer.

I hate that I’ve had it do it with the dvd plug in before but never with the multi-channel…I have the dvd plug in anyhow but the multi-channel bugs me to no end…lol just because it does…o-well