Problems with VSO website

i cant open in mozilla. i can open the website in IE and opera, but not in mozilla. it loads to a certain point then its stuck loading. does anyone else have this problem.

nobody else uses mozilla and can tell me if they can access the VSO website? i just want to see if it is a problem on my computer or if the VSO website has problems with mozilla

curious do u have pop ups blocked ? I am getting it fine … I just tried mozilla and working fine …

The site loads fine here using Mozilla Firebird.

thx for the answears :slight_smile:
i use mozilla (not firebird) 1.4, and i have a popup-blocker and have tried with it both on and off. i guess i will update mozilla to version 1.5 and see. if that doesnt work then i guess i will have to look a little closer on my setup.