Problems with vista

hey, i just backed up a movie to my harddrive. i recently upgraded to vista and it made me erase nero. what can i use to burn my movie?

Hi :slight_smile:
Try LUK’s [B][U]ImgBurn[/U][/B]:

is it working pretty good?

Hi :slight_smile:
It is what a lot of users here swear by. :bigsmile:
It is worth a donation too. :wink:

where can i get it ?

ImgBurn works well in Vista or XP.

You might want to look through some of the guides for it:

Here is the home page for ImgBurn:

thanks i’ll see what i can find

Hi :slight_smile:
In my first post click on ImgBurn, this will take you to the homepage.


which mirror should i pick?

Anyone. You wont be sorry. Its a great program.:wink:

[quote=trose933;2073698]which mirror should i pick?[/quote]Mirror #7 is the best one to download from, as it includes some silent updates compared with the other mirrors. :slight_smile:

Good to know, thanks cynthia_old.:flower: