Problems with viewing movie on stationary DVD



I’ve backed up one of my movies: “The day after tomorrow” using DVD-Shrink. I’ve shrinked everything except the video strem and audio strem. Now I can view this movie without any problems on PC but I cannot view this film on ma stationary DVD. Do you know why?


It could be your standalone player doesn’t like or support this media, what for media
are you usin, this could happen with discs of lower quality!


I copied this film twice. The first time it was DVD Esperansa and the second time it was TDK. With both disk I’ve had the same problem. I’ve copied many other films and evrything was ok.


What burning speed are you usin?
And if the media was +R do you changed the booktype to dvd-rom?


I have NEC-3520 and I use 4X Speed and I changed booktype to DVD-ROM.


Give more info on the media please. Is it TDK 4x +r, TDK 8x -R, etc… That will help us tell you if the media is crap or not.


Personally i would pick up some TY media, to try it with them!


I think that my cd’s are ok because I’ve copied many other movies and there were no problems.


Try another DVD. Probably crappy Taiwanese media.


@ ropusz,

Suggest checking your back of copy of "The day after tomorrow” with DVDInfo Pro ( or similar software utility program for CRC Read Errors. If you have CRC Read Errors is an indication that the particular DVD media you used to make your back of copy "The day after tomorrow” is suspect. This means you need to use good reliable DVD media like Taiyo Yuden when you make your back up copies.

Your stand alone desk top DVD player can’t read a DVD that has CRC Read Errors and that’s why your this back up copy of "The day after tomorrow” will not play. Your back up copy of "The day after tomorrow” will play in your PC because your PC “Reader” is more tolerant and can ignore CRC Read Errors.

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