Problems with vidomi

Ok heres the scoop. I use vidomi to encode all of the dvds that I backup. When i was on windows me, it worked great. Now that my dual boot of windows me and mandrake linux 8.3 crashed, the xp cd, was the only thing i had. So i install it reformat partitions etc. Past few days, ive been trying to back up the others. Now i have all the setting set up in vidomi. Divx 5.0.2 2pass encoding no pyscovsual effects, audio=mp3 encode with lame 3.92 vbr between 128 and 192 stereo.

Anyway, i set it to encode and went to sleep last night. When i got up and checked it, i got the dialog box from xp asking to send the error report. I looked at the statistics box in vidomi and found that the error came up as soon as the first pass was finished. So i rechecked my settings and started it and went to work, got home and same thing happend

The other day it only encoded the first 20 minutes of it and stopped.

This stuff never happened before, whats going on now?


ok i guess no one knows, but maybe you could reccommend a good alternative.